Help Transform Lives at  Pacifica Christian High School

Please consider contributing to this work during our 2022-2023 Pacifica Fund season and our goal of $800,000.  Check that box by making a pledge or a donation online. Help us lean in and dig deep as we support the work we pray might bear sustainable fruit for every Pacifica graduate.
Your Giving Supports Pacifica Distinctives 
Financial Aid – Pacifica students receive over $1 million in financial aid every year. Over fifteen years of dedicated support to financial aid as extended a private school education to over 50% of Pacifica’s graduates. This support helps ensure that every student seeking enrollment has the financial ability to can have access to a private, Christian high school education. Currently, just over 40% of the student body receives some form of financial assistance. 

Expertly trained and highly effective teachers
– Pacifica teachers receive a combined 2500 hours of professional development each year. Pacifica has budgeted time and resources to better equip our teachers to offer a balanced and equitable approach to teaching in a diverse environment, as well as application of Christian virtue into the world of a liberal arts, college preparatory education. 

Small School Environment – Pacifica has a 10:1 ratio of students to faculty members- an impressive number in itself- but the feeling of personal connection goes even deeper. From coaches, theatre directors, or academic advising staff, Pacifica students have access to quality instruction and personalized participation.

Quality Student Programming – From the PACARTS production season to the Seawolf Athletics program, from Associated Student Government to the Minchin Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, life at Pacifica is not limited to the inside of the classroom. Real-world skills and the confidence that comes from doing are life-building experiences supported by the Pacifica Fund.

Pacifica Christian High School

A college-preparatory, Christian, liberal arts high school in the heart of Santa Monica.