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In 2023 Pacifica will travel to Paris.  Forty-five freshmen and sophomore students will form trip one, while forty-five juniors and seniors will form trip two.  Both groups will enjoy Paris, Normandy, and St. Michael.  
The purpose of Pacifica Travel is to build a community outside of school time and expand the connectivity and worldview of all our students. Trips include the All School Retreat in September, college visits across California and the United States, out-of-state athletic competitions in every sport, or the annual Senior Trip.

A highlight of our Travel Program is our annual Spring Break Trip, an optional ten-day adventure whose destinations vary year to year. Students are encouraged to participate in at least one spring break trip during their time at Pacifica, where they engage with material from class and expand their horizons while accompanied by Pacifica staff. 

Learning new things is a passion for the Pacifica community. Learning new things firsthand is an experience that is invaluable. The travel program seeks to provide a variety of options for students so they can move beyond the school walls and see the world. Traveling stretches students and gives them a fresh perspective while providing them with a greater understanding of the “big picture” in life. Walking down the Via Del La Rosa in Jerusalem, viewing Manhattan from Ellis Island, eating dinner under the Eiffel Tower, or serving students with HIV in Africa are some of the experiences that have had a transforming impact on students. Pacifica faculty, well seasoned in international travel, guide students in their adventures through the Louvre, a tropical rainforest, St. Peter’s Basilica, the beachfront in Tel Aviv, or the rapids in Belize, opening the door to the world, igniting their imaginations!

Pacifica travel opportunities are offered in three major categories giving students a variety of options for travel. Trips range from Academics/Leisure, Spiritual Growth/Service, and Adventure. From a service trip to Africa, a visit to the Louvre, and coffee on the Champs Elysees, to caving in Belize students can find their travel niche.

Recent Trips
Germany, Austria, Swizterland
Costa Rica

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