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Pacifica is devoted to teaching students from all neighborhoods to think critically and wisely, instilling heartfelt joy and interest in learning, while encouraging lives of faith, character, and service to the glory of God.

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  • Curing the Crisis of Friendship

    Friendship is inherently valuable, indeed one of the most valuable things in life. For this reason, Aristotle said that, “No one would choose to live a friendless existence, even on the condition of having all other good things.” If we better understand what friendship is, then we might better understand how to build new and better friendships. 
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  • Minchin Center Insight Speaker Series

    The Minchin Center for Innovation at Pacifica Christian High School is pleased to challenge the assumptions of the broader Los Angeles community as we seek to integrate virtue and business.  In a world that is fracturing more and more every day, we hope to bring together what is being torn apart. 
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