College Preparatory Curriculum

The Pacifica college preparatory program readies students for future study at top universities, with well-balanced and rigorous academic curriculum and graduation requirements that exceed the minimum University of California standards. The academic program leads students on a four-year journey through the humanities, sciences, and the arts while integrating faith into the curriculum when appropriate. This path focuses on the Great Conversation of the Western tradition utilizing the tools of inquiry and rhetoric. It also develops a student’s analytical, problem solving, entrepreneurial, and technological skills, preparing him or her for a vital role in the 21st Century economy. Pacifica is committed to promoting and encouraging an authentic joy of learning. 

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Graduation Requirements

In order to qualify for a diploma from Pacifica Christian High School each student must meet the following requirements.

  1. Complete no less than 230 semester credits (235 semester credits for AP European History students) of classroom or supervised activities in grades 9-12 with passing grades (D- or better). For classes to be recognized for University of California credit, a grade of C- or better is required. Satisfactory attendance and good citizenship are reflected in academic grades and credits completed.
  2. Complete the following subject matter requirements in grades 9-12 with passing grades.

Pacifica’s required coursework exceeds the minimum requirements for entrance into the University of California System, California State University System, and most private colleges and universities.

List of 9 items.

  • English

    4 Years / 40 Semester Credits

    Anccient Literature and Composition / Honors Anccient Literature and Composition210
    World Literature and Composition / Honors World Literature and Composition210
    American Literature / AP Language and Composition210
    Great Books / AP Literature and Composition210
  • History

    3 Years / 30 Semester Credits

    Ancient & Medieval History / Honors Ancient & Medieval History15
    Modern World History / Honors Modern World History15
    AP European History210
    U.S. History / AP U.S. History210
    U.S. Government / Honors U.S. Government15
    Foundations of the 20th Century / Honors Foundations of the 20th Century15

  • Science

    3 years / 30 Semester Credits 

    Required courses: 
    Biology / Honors Biology210
    Chemistry / Honors Chemistry210

    Choose one of the following courses for the third year: 
    Anatomy and Physiology210
    Environmental Science210
    AP Biology210
    AP Chemistry 210
    AP Physics210
  • Mathematics

    3 Years / 30 Semeste Credits of Sequential Courses
    Algebra I210
    Geometry / Honors Geometry210
    Algebra II / Honors Algebra II210
    Pre-Calculus / Honors Pre-Calculus210
    AP Calculus AB210
    AP Calculus BC210
    AP Statistics210
  • Foreign Language

    2 Years / 20 Semester Credits of Sequential Courses

    Spanish 1 or Latin 1210
    Spanish 2 or Latin 2210
    Spanish 3 or Latin 3210
    Latin 4 Honors210
    AP Spanish Language IV / AP Spanish Literature 210
  • Visual & Performing Arts

    1 Year / 10 Semester Credits

    Begining Art: Drawing and Painting210
    Intermediate Art: Mixed Media210
    Advanced Art: Advanced Drawing and Painting210
    AP Studio Art210
    Introduction to Film210
    Digital Production I210
    Digital Production II210
    Digital Prodiction III 210
    Introduction to Theater210
    Choral Music210
    Instrumental Music 210
  • Theology

    2 Years / 20 Semester Credits 
    Old Testament / Honors Old Testament210
    New Testament / Honors New Testament210
    Church History210
  • Physical Education / Team Sports

    2 Years / 20 Semester Credits
  • Pacifica Electives

    3 Years / 30 Semester Credits 

    In addition to the one year requirement of a UC approved Visual and Performing Arts elective, students must complete an additional 30 semester elective credits. Classes which exceed the minimum graduation requirements may be considered as electives. Students may choose to take classes from the following departments:
    • Foreign Language
    • Theology
    • English
    • Math
    • Physical Education
    • Science
    • History
    • Visual and Performing Arts (either UC approved or not)
    • Other Electives

A Typical 9th Grade Program Includes:

  • English 9 or Honors English 9
  • Ancient History 9 or Honors Ancient History 9
  • Biology or Honors Biology
  • Mathematics: Algebra I, Geometry, or Honors Geometry
  • Latin or Spanish (I or II or III)
  • Old Testament or Honors Old Testament
  • Elective: Visual Arts and Performing Arts, STEM, or Minchin Center
  • Physical Education: Dance, Athletics, or Independent P.E.

Honors & AP Courses

List of 8 items.

  • English

    Honors Ancient Literature and Composition
    Honors World Literature and Composition
    AP Language and Composition
    AP Literature and Composition
  • History

    Honors Ancient/Medieval History
    Honors US Government
    Honors Foundation of the 20th Century
    AP European History
    AP US History
  • Science

    Honors Biology
    Honors Chemistry
    AP Biology
    AP Chemistry
    AP Physics
  • Mathematics

    Honors Geometry
    Honors Algebra II
    Honors Precalculus
    AP Calculus AB
    AP Calculus BC
    AP Statistics
  • Foreign Language

    Honors Latin 4
    AP Spanish Language and Composition
    AP Spanish Literature and Composition
  • Theology

    Honors Old Testament
    Honors New Testament
  • Business/Entrepreneurship

    AP Micro Economics
    AP Macro Economics
  • Visual and Performing Arts

    AP Studio Arts
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Signature Programs

List of 3 items.

  • Business/Entrepreneurship

    Business and Entrepreneurship
    Personal Finance
    AP Micro Economics
    AP Macro Economics
  • Engineering / Technology

    Introduction to Computer Science
    Introduction to Engineering Design
    Principals of Engineering
  • Visual and Performing Arts

    Beginning Art: Drawing and Painting
    Intermediate Art: Mixed Media
    Advanced Art: Advanced Drawing and Painting
    AP Studio Art
    Introduction to Film
    Digital Production 1
    Digital Production 2
    Digital Production 3
    Introduction to Theater
    Choral Music
    Instrumental Music

Core Values

  • A rigorous, college preparatory curriculum, preparing students to excel at any college in the country
  • A curriculum founded on the great conversation of Western Civilization where all topics, both secular and theological, are explored
  • Use of Socratic Seminar and discussion with a focus on writing, speaking, and listening
  • Teaching based on inquiry, rhetoric, and higher level thinking skills
  • The integration of faith and learning into the classroom when appropriate
  • A high level of engagement between students and teachers that fosters academic achievement, joy in learning and the development good young men and women who are being taught to think and live well
  • Customization and personalization for each student
  • Opportunities for involvement in athletics, arts, leadership and co-curricular activities that strengthens a student’s educational experience
  • Joy and interest in learning. Education as an end to itself
  • A commitment to truth, beauty and goodness
  • A school for all neighborhoods where students come together from all religious, socio-economic, ethnic and political backgrounds to journey together toward a common goal.

Pacifica Christian High School

A college-preparatory, Christian, liberal arts high school in the heart of Santa Monica.