College Counseling

The college counseling process is an extension of the school-wide mission, challenging students to think critically and wisely about their college decision, seeking to cultivate their interest in learning, while encouraging lives of faith, character, and service to the glory of God. The college counseling philosophy centers on the idea that this is not a “one size fits all” process. The conversations will change from student to student and success will be measured by the appropriateness of college placement and the quality of experience once the students matriculate to their respective schools. That being said, we want to ensure that students are competitive in the college admissions process.

Academic Preparation
Pacifica’s curriculum is designed to meet the academic requirements of any college or university in the United States, including the University of California system. Students are expected to challenge themselves in the classroom by taking as rigorous a course load as they can handle. The academic counselors and college counselor will help students take classes that reflect their interests and aspirations.

The role of the college counselor is to serve as a resource and advocate for their students. The college counselor is available to all Pacifica students and parents even though the college process doesn’t begin in earnest until junior year. Each junior will meet with the college counselor in the spring to discuss expectations and the research process and parents will be invited to schedule a meeting soon after. Seniors will meet with the college counselor at the beginning of the school year for their senior college meeting, and then again for a “final list meeting.” Students are expected to check and respond to e-mails to their Pacifica account, as many announcements will be communicated electronically.

Additional Programming
In addition to individual meetings, there are a variety of opportunities offered through the College Counseling Department:
  • Parent Nights for parents of all grade levels
  • Financial Aid Night for parents of seniors
  • College day trips to local colleges and universities
  • Mock SAT exams and info sessions on standardized testing

College Counselors

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