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Welcome From the Head of School


It is a privilege and a joy for me to come to Pacifica each day and team with educators passionate about teaching, well trained in their craft, mature in Christian faith, and absolutely love high school students. The coming together of this group of special people to help each student become the person God has intended is what unifies us. Teaching students to think and live well by stretching them academically, spiritually, and personally so that they are prepared to live lives of meaning and purpose is our reason for being. It is a reason that brings excitement and energy to each Monday morning as we look forward to the task ahead.

The Pacifica student body is a group that is committed to growth and to being changed. This happens through academic rigor and personal relationship. Pacifica’s college preparatory curriculum challenges students to think, write, and speak with greater depth and skill. The study of a four-year liberal arts curriculum lets students learn more about themselves, the world they live in, the Truth of God, and their place in the world.

No one is anonymous at Pacifica. Students are known. Strengths are celebrated, and areas of growth are examined and worked on. The teaching staff at Pacifica is highly relational and is involved in its students' lives, teaming with parents to guide and lead students as they build lives of meaning and purpose, filled with joy. From the all-school retreat to the faculty-student lunch program, cheering a student on at a game or simply taking the time to ask, “How are you doing?” the faculty is committed to living authentic lives that are examples of faith, character, and service to the glory of God.
The commitment to academic rigor and relationship in a setting that integrates Christian faith makes Pacifica a unique place. Students are challenged to ask tough questions, work hard in the classroom, and delve into the joys of Latin, American Literature, Chemistry, Geometry, and Theology. As they move through their high school years, students are encouraged to have fun, take risks, explore, love others, listen, and live in community as we strive together to think and live well.

For the past 17 years, it is a privilege to serve as Pacifica’s founding Head of School. Each day I have a front-row seat as I observe the lives of a wonderful group of teenagers and am blessed to see them grow into mature young adults prepared for college and beyond. There are so many meaningful stories to tell about our students, stories that signify the fulfillment of an inspired vision, stories of lives changed, and dreams begun.

I welcome you to Pacifica and hope that you will become part of a wonderful story.


James M. Knight
Head of School

Pacifica Christian High School

A college-preparatory, Christian, liberal arts high school in the heart of Santa Monica.