Raising $1,000,000 through Major Giving to 
Support School Growth

The Major Gift Campaign- comprised of significant gifts in a single donation, stock options or securities, or pledges that span over multi year increments- focuses on future opportunities for Pacifica's physical growth or investment in the school's endowment.

These major gifts are meant to provide a secure opportunity fund that allows the school to investigate new facility opportunities quickly and competitively while remaining in the heart of Santa Monica. 

Since the completion of the Every Square Inch Campaign from 2015-2020, many of the most immediate physical needs of the school have been met thanks to generous donors to the Major Gift campaign. While capital campaigns are in constant development to meet the short term needs of the 1730 Wilshire Blvd property, giving to the Major Gift campaign helps secure Pacifica's place as a top academic, athletic, artistic, and theological destination for young students over the coming decade. 

Currently, the Spanning the Gap campaign from 2020-2021 - coupled with responsible spending, an unprecedented fifth year in a row of 60+ student freshman class, and a successful Pacifica Fund in 2021/22- will achieve the school's long term financial goal of eliminating cash flow lending from one school year to the next. Pacifica’s annual budget stands at $5.2 million, and the Spanning the Gap campaign is on track to achieve this goal by June of 2022. 
The Major Gift Goal 2021/ 2022 : $1,000,000 

Pacifica Christian High School

A college-preparatory, Christian, liberal arts high school in the heart of Santa Monica.