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Each summer, Pacifica is proud to offer Summer@Pacifica, an extension of our college preparatory coursework classes and enriching camps, teaching students to think and live well. Summer@Pacifica offers camps focussed on hands on learning, enrichment, and value in Pacifica’s nurturing environment.

SUMMER@PACIFICA Course Offerings

Courses for Credit
UC approved six week courses in math. Online options for sciences. These courses are for students looking to add to their high school course credits or strengthen skills in a relaxed summer setting! Save on Courses for Credit by registering before May 15!

ALGEBRA I-  5 Weeks, M-Th half days  // June 12 to July 13 //  $1550 ($1750 after May15)
Grades 8-10 1:00pm -4:00pm 
For students who have taken Algebra as 8th or 9th graders seeking further mastery of Algebraic concepts prior to taking the next level of math. This math program is designed to provide a means of acceleration to advanced math and promote enrollment in 9th or 10th grade Geometry. Full year UC credit, or three week "Bridge" course available.  
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ALGEBRA: BRIDGE TO GEOMETRY  2 weeks, M-F half days // July 2-13 // $900
Three weeks of great Algebra work that helps students who are taking Geometry in the fall feel very confident as they jump ahead! Great for all incoming 9th grade students.  Open to non-Pacifica students too!

GEOMETRY- 5 Weeks, M-Th half days  // June 12 to July 13 //  $1550 ($1750 after May15) 
Grades 9-11 9:00am-Noon
This course develops critical thinking and visualization skills, presenting and exploring the properties of shapes in space. Some of the major topics covered are angles, parallel and perpendicular lines, triangles and congruence, quadrilaterals, similarity, right triangles, trigonometric ratios, circles, constructions, area, and volume. Concepts from Algebra 1 are integrated throughout this course. Construction tools such as a straightedge and a compass (not included in class fee) are required for this course. Approximately 100 class hours. 
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BYU Independent Study- Pacifica Teacher Adjudicated Online Math and Science Recovery Courses // $500   Register Here

RECOVERY ENGLISH -  Two Weeks, M-F half days 8:00am-11:00am  // June 12 to June 25 //  
$1100  Register Here
RECOVERY HISTORY-  Two Weeks, M-F half days   Noon-3:00pm // June 12 to June 25  //  
$1100    Register Here
RECOVERY ALGEBRA II- Two Weeks, M-F half days 9:00am-noon   // June 18 to June 29  //
 $1100    Register Here

Academic Workshops
Summer is not the end of learning! Middle to high school aged students can stay sharp with Academic Workshops @Pacifica.

FRESHMAN TRANSITIONS-  One Week,  half days 8:00 am - Noon // June 25-June 29  //  $250   Register Here
An auspicious opportunity for transitioning middle school students who want to enter high school confident and prepared, this important class offers practical guidance and invaluable lessons. Students will be ushered into Pacifica’s academic culture while building new friendships. Led by Pacifica faculty member Scott Comer and Academic Counselor Julia Tushaus.

WRITERS WORKSHOP- July 9-10, 12-13  // M, T, Th F //  Time: 9 am–Noon // Cost: $250    
A wise choice for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors, the writing workshop is a practical week of pen to paper. Students will write, edit, revise, and reflect upon expository, literary analysis, précis, and thematic essays. A great preparation for students interested in Advanced Placement courses in the fall. 20 Hours.  Registeration Closed

TRANSFER TRANSITIONS-  One Week,  half days   // Aug 8-10 //  $150
A transfer from another school to Pacifica may require a little extra boost to feel confident and prepared. This important workshop offers practical guidance and invaluable lessons in the expectations of Pacifica’s academic culture while building new friendships.   Register Here

EXCHANGE TRANSITIONS-  One Week,  half days  // Aug 8-10  //  $250 
Moving to LA from another country and culture is tough, and becoming a Pacifica student may require a little extra boost to feel confident and prepared. This important workshop offers practical guidance and invaluable lessons in the expectations of Pacifica’s academic culture while building new friendships with fellow exchange students.   Register Here

STUDY SKILLS WORKSHOP // 6th-8th Grade  August 6-9 // M-Th // 9:00am-Noon // $300
For students (and parents!) seeking to strengthen basic study techniques in core subjects (English / History / Math / Science) this workshop prepares middle school students for classroom success while teaching them valuable life skills of organization, prioritization,and attention to detail. A fun way for middle school students to get ready for high school!  Register Here

Enrichment Camps

IMPROV COMEDY- One Week, half days 1:00-4:00pm  June 18-22  //  $200
Learn from artists trained in the art of funny! A live performance and field trip to The 2nd City are highlights from this Pacifica summer tradition.
YOUBALL BASKETBALL CAMP / "Junior Varsity" ages 8-12 //  Half or Full Day  July 9-13,  $250 Half /$325 Full 
Pacifica Athletics is proud to once again host the coaches of YouBall Basketball as they bring their exciting brand of basketball skill training back to campus. Two age divisions. Founded by Laker great Byron Scott!   Register Here

YouBall Basketball Camp / "Varsity"ages 13-17 //  Half Day (one session)  July 9-13,  $225   Register Here

GROUP ACT/SAT Test Prep-  Ongoing June/July/August   
Wk1 June 19&21 / Wk2 June 26&28 / Wk 3 July 10&12 / Wk 4 July 17&19  
Tuesday and Thursday  // 8:30am – 12 pm //  $150 per Wk // $600 Four Weeks
Dive into this full immersion SAT/ACT prep class and emerge ready to take on the tests that will propel your college career. No required homework plus 30 Hours of test prep!
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