Student Highlight: Andres Fierro

Andres Fierro is currently a senior at Pacifica who aspires to compose music for future films and television shows. Read more about the number of instruments he plays and the impact he has made at Pacifica through his love for music.
Jessica (J): How many instruments do you play and how long have you been playing each instrument?
Andres (A): I play four instruments total: piano (~3 years), violin (~7-8 years), clarinet (~1 year), and electric bass (~8 months).
J: Did you learn to play the instruments on your own?
A: Yes, for the most part. I took keyboard lessons for a year when I was five because that’s what my mom wanted. But, a couple years later I decided to learn how to play the violin on my own. I taught myself how to play the violin ever since I listened to classical music. I also taught myself how to play the clarinet I got for Christmas one year, as well as the electric bass that I bought in 5th grade.
J: How are you involved at Pacifica using those gifts?
A: Towards the end of my freshmen year, I wanted to get more involved with our music program. Our music program was smaller then, and the music teacher at that time was finding more ways to expand and grow the program. I decided to help out by looking for teachers, finding more students to get involved, and trying to receive funding.
In 2017, we had our first music ensemble, and it was fantastic! There was a group of six students, and I think a lot of students have benefited a lot from the program. It’s amazing to see how much it has grown over the years. Now, we have an incredible music teacher, Mr. Nyabadza, who knows so much about writing and playing almost every instrument.
J: How do you plan on using the gifts God has given you outside of high school? Do you wish to continue this in college?
A: Yes, I would love to partake in the music composition program at Chapman University. My dream is to write music for film and television.
We wish Andres the best this admissions season, as he applies to Chapman and other awesome universities for music composition. We believe Andres will continue to make an impact, as he has truly impacted Pacifica in a significant way.

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