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Pacifica is devoted to teaching students from all neighborhoods to think critically and wisely, instilling heartfelt joy and interest in learning, while encouraging lives of faith, character, and service to the glory of God.

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  • Why Study Latin? Revitalizing a Dead Language

    The study of Latin has long been a tradition at Pacifica Christian High School. Latin perfectly complements our 9th grade History and English classes, supports the languague and vocabulary of our sciences, and has proven to be one of the top subjects to prepare students for the SAT and ACT exams.
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  • 2016-2017 Athletic Distinction Awards and Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

    We have two awards in athletics at Pacifica that we recognize at the end of each school year - Athletic Distinction and our Hall of Fame. Athletic Distinction is for an individual who was a league champion, or MVP, or a member of an all CIF team. Our second award is our Athletics' Hall of Fame. To be a member of our Hall of Fame, an athlete had to be an individual league champion, or league MVP. Or be a member of an all CIF team. Beyond, the individual award, an athlete had to have a significant impact on the athletic department.
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