The purpose of the Pacifica Parent Association is to encourage and promote parental participation and involvement in Pacifica, to supplement and enrich the Pacifica experience, and to facilitate relationships and communication among the parents of Pacifica students.
Dear Pacifica Parents,
The Pacifica Parents Association (PPA) is overjoyed to be welcoming you back to school for this new year. Whether your family is just starting out at Pacifica or you have been here for many years, we are looking forward to the opportunities ahead to deepen relationships among the parent body.
As you perhaps already know, commitment to community is one of the critical distinctives of a Pacifica education.  And as I imagine most of us would agree, our need for connection and community is perhaps more critical than ever after the past several years.
The PPA works to foster such community among the school’s parents as well as between our faculty and our families. We host and facilitate events throughout the year to connect these groups as well as to encourage and support the administration and faculty in their amazing efforts on behalf of our children.
Those of us serving as this year’s leaders would like to invite you to step into these avenues for connection in as many ways as work for your family this year. The more each of us participates, the stronger the fabric of our shared school community. In addition, even the smallest involvement also provides the opportunity for continued connection to your own child as you support their school and their activities. This has been invaluable for our family during this season of the teenage years.
We have a variety of  PPA Committees that you can join (please see the list below), and we also host events throughout the year to provide opportunities to get to know other families, faculty and staff. Some of our favorite events are Pacifica Parent Parties, Moms’ Nights Out, Grade-Level Parent Dinners, Dads’ Happy Hour, and Mother's Tea, to name a few.
While each family is automatically a PPA member, we are only able to fully function and host these events with support through dues.  Annual dues are included in your tuition, and we thank you all for the support!
One of the best things about Pacifica is its wonderful parent body.  I hope you will become an active participant in our school community and build lasting friendships by doing so.  We look forward to a great year!
All the best,
Victory Ludwig (Sofia '23, Violet '27)
PPA President for 2022-2023 School Year
There are countless ways to get involved throughout the year, whether it is attending an event or volunteering. We value parental involvement and support at all levels, and invite you to jump in!

PPA Board Members and Committee Chairs

Victory Ludwig, President
Allison Burkett, Vice President 
Irene McKenna, Secretary
Elias Abu Shanab, Treasurer
Kelly Gendall, Communications Director
Deidre Kelly, Events Director
Joanna Ennis, At-Large Member/Development
Jody Crabtree, At-Large Member/Development/Athletics
Sarah Reimers, President Emeritus
Sarah Abu Shanab, Admissions Committee
Ana Maria Sancho-Fierro, Arts Committee
Jenny Mitchell & Stephanie Younger, Athletics Committee
Andre Ulloa & Jay Worth, Dads' Club
Joanna Ennis & Edith Thakor, Development Committee
Deidre Kelly & Amy Iorio, Events Committee 
Stephanie D'Nelly & Andrea Villasenor, Teacher Appreciation Support


Tuesday 16th - New Parent Orientation // Dedication Service
Friday 19th - PPP (Pacifica Parent Party) at La Conde

Wednesday 21st - Freshman Parent Dinner
Wednesday 28th - Sophomore Parent Dinner

Thursday 6th - Junior Parent Dinner (& College Night)
Wednesday 19th -
Senior Parent Dinner

Thursday 3rd - Moms' Night Out
Wednesday 9th - Dads' Happy Hour


Thursday 1st - Mothers' Tea


Saturday 7th - Homecoming 


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