Community Service



Similar to the Club sponsorship program, Pacifica offers a variety of service opportunities in coordination with local not for profits or Pacifica programs founded by the student body. Students are encouraged to initiate service organizations though the Leadership Workshop or  through Associated Student Government, and are supported by staff sponsors or the Student Activities Director.

Past service partnerships have been formed with Habitat for Humanity, Heal the Bay, or the Laundry Love organizations; students have founded their own NPOs such as Compassion Cuts, who provide haircuts for the homeless, or CareKits, who provide care packages to kids in overnight care through Kaiser Permanente. Once service organizations are approved through ASG, they can apply for student funding or a time slot in the Actios Workshop schedule.

Travel programs linked to service are also part of our traditions.  Pacifica has teamed up with Partners in Hope to help serve in Africa. Partners in Hope runs an AIDS clinic in the capital city of Lilongwe. Showing students the face of Africa and allowing them to exercise Christian charity is an important part of one’s education and often proves to be a life changing experience.

The Senior Trip - "Tattooed"
Service begins in the freshman year as students think about, question and grapple with the class virtue. Each year the students interact with their class virtue through curricular assignments, small groups, service trips, chapel and conversation amidst peers and faculty.
Freshman Virtue – Courage
Sophomore Virtue – Integrity
Junior Virtue – Compassion
Senior Virtue – Humility

Service at Pacifica culminates with the Senior Trip. The Senior Trip is a 36 hour trip centered on the theme of humility. Students, as a unified group, engage a local community in Southern California. There is a mixture of group activity and conversation as well as independent time for journaling and reflection. As students interact, they are asked to consider the topic of humility, compassion, love, and purpose and how their life’s work might be an interplay between vocation and the Christian virtues.

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