2022 Return to Campus / Covid Guidelines

Pacifica returns for the Spring 2022 semester this Thursday January 6.  Here are a few Covid testing reminders of how the school plans to return to in person learning safely.


Negative Test Required to Return to School
Students and staff must receive and share a negative covid test prior to returning to school on Thursday, January 6.
Students or staff unable to take the January 3 on-campus testing will need to secure their own PCR testing. Tests should be taken no earlier than January 3, 2022. Test results received outside of Pacifica can be shared with the school by emailing results to covid@pacificachristian.org with the student's name in the subject heading. 
All students should have received their test results via email by this evening.  Positive tests will be accompanied by a follow up from the school. 
Positive Tests During Winter Break
For those who have tested positive recently, as long as students or staff have finished the LA County-mandated isolation of 10 days, and have not had a fever within 24 hours prior to the end of quarantine, those students and staff may return to school on Thursday, January 6.
If you have recently contracted Covid over the Christmas break and completed your isolation, please share your positive covid results with covid@pacificachristian.org to be exempt from testing on January 3.
Positive Tests Prior to Winter Break
If students or staff have tested positive to Covid-19 prior to the beginning of the Christmas break, we ask that you still test on January 3.  Should these tests come back positive, as long as your previous covid exposure is less than 3 months old, these individuals may return to campus by showing proof of a previous sickness and its duration. Again, please email covid@pacificachristian.org if this scenario applies to your family. 


For students who are required to quarantine at the start of the second semester, Associate Head for Academics Andrew Soria will be facilitating a hybrid learning plan for the first two weeks of school. 
Additionally, the drop date for all classes will be moved back from January 7 to January 14th. 


Positive with Covid
  • Isolate for 5 days
  • No Fever for 24 hours prior to leaving isolation
  • Recommended Covid test 5 days after exposure (antigen tests OK)
  • Past Positive cases may continue to test positive without missing classes up to three months; after three months from the initial positive result you may need to repeat isolation to "reset the clock."
Close Contact Definition
  • Over fifteen minutes spent with a Covid Positive individual
  • Antigen Test on day one and day five negative, you may remain in class
  • Non vaccinated individuals, quarantine for five days then a negative test to return to class 

Vaccinated Exposure
  • No Quarantine
  • Monitor for symptoms
  • Recommended Covid test 5 days after exposure (antigen tests OK)

Unvaccinated Exposure
  • Quarantine for 10 days OR
  • Quarantine for 5 days and receive a negative covid test on day 5 (antigen tests OK)
  • Monitor for symptoms
  • If you develop symptoms, follow Positive Covid test guidance with the first day of symptoms counting as day zero of the protocol 

Pacifica appreciates the community's patience and compliance with these policies. As a school, we are dedicated to maintaining as many normal activities as possible for the student body. These changes are meant to stem outbreaks, and to increase the overall safety of the school as we live with the changing dynamics of the pandemic.   

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