Merry Christmas

Jim Knight
Christmas is almost here. Merry Christmas!

In a world where change is more rapid than ever, life has been turned upside down, and uncertainty prevails, there are a few things that bring meaning, permanence, and lasting value
Christmas provides stability, reminds us of the eternal nature of things, and offers us peace in the midst of great anxiety.  

At Christmas, we decorate, cook, shop, watch movies, and spend time with family.  It is a festive time with needed rest as we head into winter.  Moreover, and more importantly,  we celebrate the birth of Christ. God became man to save all of human history. Yes, the God of the universe entered our story. Why? Answer: to rescue us in our great need. Christ came to bring us back to God, to make us whole, to give us new life—a life of joy and meaning.
At times I ponder what life in the Garden of Eden, before the fall, must have been like.  There was perfect communion with God, perfect relationships with others, and a perfect connection with Creation. Then I ponder what life might have been like outside the garden: a world of toil, regret, brokenness, loneliness, and pain—a chaotic world. I imagine our ancestors longing to return to a place they’d just turned their back on, with a longing to return to God, to return home and repair the broken relationship. They longed for salvation and a savior. They longed for Christmas.
Today, my spiritual longings are muted in the midst of distraction, materialism, and even my own pride. However, when I humble myself and focus on the true meaning of Christmas, my longing for a savior and a return to God becomes clear.

It has been a challenging year.  A year filled with loss, anxiety, frustration, and hardship.  In the midst of our unfortunate circumstances, we mourn, and rightly so.  However, in our mourning and sadness, we look up and know that God enters human history as a child - He enters into all of it to provide hope, peace, and rest.  This unites us as a community; it gives us the courage to move forward into the unknown; it guides our way.
I invite you to celebrate Christmas with me, and with it, the reality that a savior has come into the world to give us abundant life, life to the fullest—a life so deep we can never fully explore its depths.
Yes, there is meaning, permanence, and value in Christmas. May you stay in good health, find strength in the eternal God, and celebrate well the birth of Christ.

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