Meet Noah Caron!

We had the chance to interview one of our international students Noah Caron. Read more about his time studying at Pacifica.
What led to your decision to study abroad here at Pacifica?
N: I am from Germany, and I wanted to study at Pacifica to get better at learning and speaking English.
How has your experience been at Pacifica?
N: So far so good. I would say I learned a lot of English, as well as biology, history and Spanish.
How long were you here at Pacifica?
N: Not for a long time – only four months. I am only here for a semester, and my time is quickly coming to an end!
Although your time was short, what was your favorite part of the school?
N: Well, having the opportunity to come here to study English was honestly my favorite part. I also really like the teachers and students.
How has it been adjusting to the different school system here compared to Germany?
N: The school system is definitely different. At my previous school in Germany, participation was a huge factor of our grade - about 60% - more than homework and assignments. We didn’t get any homework in Germany, actually. However, because participation was such a huge part of our grade, it was stressful to always compete and raise my hands.
What has been your favorite class here?
N: I think my Leadership class with Mr. Sims is really fun. It is so different from what I am used to taking. I really like the class and teacher!
What piece of advice would you give to international students?
N: Hmm…I think is important to be open to a lot of things, like meeting new people and trying different clubs. Also, practically speaking, I would write down every new vocabulary word to learn English quickly. I made flashcard to help me remember certain words.
Although Noah’s time at Pacifica is coming to an end, we are glad he had a great experience here as an International student! Thanks to all the teachers and staff for allowing Noah to have a smooth transition. Noah will soon return to Germany with much to share!

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