Post Italy Trip Reflection

Read the final post Italy trip reflection written by Gabby Valencia!
I honestly had a blast in Italy, and I am so grateful that Pacifica has granted me with such a wonderful experience. Italy is undoubtedly ripe with adventure and culture. Plus, nothing beats exploring old cities in Europe with your best friends! Additionally, students had the unique opportunity to get to know their teachers in a setting outside the classroom. I deeply enjoyed discussing Renaissance art with Mrs. Anderson and hearing Dr. Nyabadza rave about the wonders of Italy.
The highlight of my trip was the city of Rome. It was fascinating to see the integration of history with everyday life. One of the most striking pieces of street art was a graffiti mural of Remus and Romulus suckling from the wolf that supposedly raised them. Who uses graffiti to depict mythology? That’s awesome! Not to mention, I tasted the sublime in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel. I was completely in awe of the majesty of Michelangelo’s depiction of the Last Judgment.  
As much as I loved the cities we visited, those who enjoy the quaint charm of the countryside were also not disappointed. We walked under the stars in the quiet town of Assisi before singing Oceans in the bus back to our hotel. We were then able to admire the gorgeous cliffs surrounding Sorento. That evening we all enjoyed a mozzarella demonstration at a farm. The presenter, Maria, was a hit with the students. She is a seasoned mozzarella maker, who has been honing the craft for decades.
We had tours often, but they were balanced by free time in each location we visited. This way, students were able marvel at the beauty of each region at their own leisure. Our tour guide, Joe, was funny, and he was clearly passionate about his job. He worked tirelessly with our fearless leader, Mr. Benedetto, to ensure that the students had the trip of a lifetime!

-Gabby Valencia ('19)

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