Post Italy Trip Reflection

Dr. Nyabadza Shares About Her Experience in Italy!
I’ve been joyously anticipating this year’s trip to Italy since I first started teaching at Pacifica 4 years ago.  The trip did not disappoint! What a whirlwind tour—with 58 students, we traveled to 7 Italian cities in just 9 days.  We traveled from Venice to Pompeii and saw what felt like everything in between—at least a taste. Many memories from the trip readily bring a smile to my face: hearing the awestruck, spontaneous sigh of students as our vaporetto turned into the inlet in which Venezia reveals herself in full splendor, marveling at the rich humanity and monumentality of Giotto’s frescoes in Assisi, taking in some of the finest examples of Italian renaissance art with students in Florence’s Galleria degli Uffizi, and the list goes on.  We returned happily exhausted, feeling as if our energy had been spent in the best possible way.  Mr. Nyabadza and I are still fantasizing about gelato and Neapolitan pizza and I can’t resist greeting students in the hallway with a “ciao”!  As a teacher, it was such a treat to not just have had the opportunity to return to Italy, but to also have shared in the beauty, culture, and language of a country I hold so dear.

- Dr. Nyabadza

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