Post Italy Trip Reflection

Read about Samantha Garcia’s experience in Italy!
I lost count of how many times I asked strangers the question, “Dov'è David?” while pointing to my map. The original David sculpture by Michelangelo was located in a museum I was determined to find. Wondering quickly through the streets was an adventure within itself. It was hard to not get distracted by the beautiful people, smells, and architecture around me. Every step my friends and I took to find the museum was second-guessed. We were never fully confident that we were going in the right direction. We finally found the line we had to wait in to see David. Asking people for dissections and wondering the cobblestone streets endlessly finally paid off as we entered the museum. Seeing David was magical. From that moment my definition of beauty changed as I waited for this lifelike sculpture to take a breath. However, the next 30 minutes were anything but magical. My friends and I ran frantically back to the group meeting place. We again had to ask countless people for directions while pointing to our map. Thankfully we were only five minutes late and no one seemed to notice us slip in. Taking mini adventures like this during my free time shaped my Italy trip and helped me build appreciation for the beautiful Italian culture.   
-Samantha Garcia (’19)

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