People of Pacifica

Interview with Rocky Dixon ('21)
Why did you choose to come to Pacifica?
I chose to come to Pacifica because of the community and small classroom sizes. I feel like Pacifica offers a space for students to have a dialogue with teachers. Since the classroom sizes are small and intimate, I am able to build relationships with all my teachers. It’s so nice!
What classes do you enjoy?
I really like Math. Mr. Wilkens is an awesome AP Statistics teacher. I am currently a TA for his AP stats class and I am a learning a lot from him. I am looking forward to taking his class next semester. He is so awesome and chill.
What are some clubs you are involved in?
I am currently serving as an Admissions prefect with Ben Reasner for the Ambassador program. I enjoy meeting new, prospective students, and I love being part of the Admissions events. I am also involved in Wolfpack and the Events Committee. Out of all the clubs I am in, serving in the Events Committee is by far my most favorite.
Is it true that almost all the students are involved at Pacifica?
*Strongly nods yes* Absolutely! Almost every student is so involved here. This is why I love serving on the events committee. We are able to plan and be present at nearly all the events. We carry a ton of school spirit and pride, so it’s fun to be with likeminded students.
There are so many ways to get involved here, whether it’s in athletics, theatre, art, STEM... you name it! There is bound to be at least one club any student can participate in.
What advice would you give to a prospective student?
Attending Open House and/or Visit Pacifica Day, as well as shadowing a student are ways to learn more about the school and meet some teachers and students. I remember going to an Open House in 8th grade and meeting Mr. Comer during the Socratic seminar. I love to debate, so I found the Socratic seminar to be interesting. I love how Mr. Comer allowed that time to be very engaging. He truly emphasized how Pacifica teaches students how to think, not what to think – which I appreciate a lot.

Pacifica Christian High School

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