National Engineering Week: Recap

The STEM program recently had engineering week for students from February 19 - 22. Students engaged in using technical skills to compete in games each day of the week. (Winners received gift cards!) 
Congrats to the following winners for each day:
DAY 1 “Build a Paper Tower”: Colin Comer, Asher Bailey and Veronica Berndes
DAY 2“Build a Play-Doh Circuit”: Timmy Ellis and Saul Chimil-Tizo
DAY 3 “Build a Rocket”: Tavi Mulitauopele, Carlota Schoendorff
DAY 4 “Build an Airplane”: Colin Comer
DAY 5 “Kahoot”: Chris Martin, Sam Brixton, Cassidy Woolsey, Emilia Scott, Rio Robinson
A huge shout out to our student leaders for coordinating and making this week happen:
Coordinator: Ben Kim
Towers: Saul Chimil-Tizo, Hannah Pak
Circuits: Bella Wash, Lucas Constantine, Pablo Martinez-Valero Cuellar
Rockets: Vittoria Barone, Hector Hernandez
Airplanes: Christ Martin, Brittania Yilma
Kahoot: Bittania Yilma

The STEM program dedicated this week to emphasize the importance of learning math, science, and technical skills. Congrats to all the winners! 

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