New Student Orientation

All new incoming students are invited to attend a new student orientation at Pacifica on Friday, August 13 from 8 AM to 2 PM. This includes both incoming 9th grade students and transfer students.

During this day, students do not need to wear their school uniforms. But they should bring a backpack with their computer, something to write with and paper to write on. If your student doesn't have their computer with them during this time, access to the internet on a smart phone will suffice. 

Prior to lunch, students will meet their mentor and go off campus for lunch. Students will be assigned to a group where they will go with a staff person and their mentor to eat at a local restaurant within walking distance for lunch. Students should plan to bring $15-$20 for lunch on Friday. 


Pacifica Christian High School

A college-preparatory, Christian, liberal arts high school in the heart of Santa Monica.