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Coronavirus Distance Learning Plan

Starting March 17, 2020, Pacifica will function as a virtual school by following our distance learning plan. 

Parents and students, please check your emails daily for the most up-to-date information. You may also contact our Head of School, Jim Knight (jknight@pacificachristian.org), or our Director of Digital Learning, Andrew Soria (asoria@pacificachristian.org).

What should students do?

Each morning, students should log in to Canvas by 7:45am and look through the posted schedule for each of their classes for the day. Teachers have posted these schedules under the "Modules" tab to the left-hand side of every class page on Canvas.

When it is time for students to join the teacher's video conference (usually at the beginning of each virtual period), they may click the link available on their Google Calendar or go directly to their Google Meet dashboard at meet.google.com.

Students must attend these video conferences and complete the scheduled work within the time allotted in the virtual period. Any incomplete work becomes homework and needs to be finished by the next meeting of that particular class.

What if the student doesn't do anything?

Even though we are meeting digitally, all Pacifica rules and policies still apply.

If a student is late to attend the virtual meeting near the beginning of class, the teacher will mark that person tardy. If a student does not complete any of the work assigned for the period, the teacher will mark that person truant.

The same logic applies to any type of misbehavior. Teachers have been strongly advised to give points frequently, which will result in cumulative effects like Saturday School or suspension. All disciplinary consquences will come into effect retroactively when we return to on-campus instruction.

What should parents/guardians do?

First of all, please pray for your children and for the health of our community.

If your student becomes sick and cannot attend our virtual sessions, please contact Carol Bock as you would normally for any other absence. We are using daily attendance as an indicator for who is participating actively so that we can best support our students remotely, which means it's very important that we have the most accurate information.

Please also take an even more active interest in your student's education. Distance learning requies a great deal of focus and discipline, and you the are the ones most directly equipped to help maintain a good learning environment at your home.

We held the first online parent forum March 18 at 9:00am. Over 100 parents were in virtual attendance, but if you missed it you can watch a full screen share with audio here on the Pacifica Vimeo page. 

March 18 Parent Forum

What is the schedule now?

Day A
8:00-9:15 = 1st period
9:25-10:40 = 2nd period
10:40-10:50 = Break
10:50-11:20 = Teacher virtual office hours
11:20-12:20 = Lunch Break
12:20-1:35 = 3rd period
1:45-3:00 = 4th period

Day B
8:00-9:15 = 5th period
9:25-10:40 = 6th period
10:40-10:50 = Break
10:50-11:20 = Teacher virtual office hours
11:20-12:20 = Lunch Break
12:20-1:35 = 7th period

Where can I go for help?

If there is a question about a specific class or assignment, please contact your individual teachers.

If there are questions/conerns about technology or distance learning in general, please contact Andrew Soria (asoria@pacificachristian.org).

Our counselors, Wally Hirsch and Molly Jang, are also available and encourage students to make an online appointment with them.

For Ms. Jang (grades 10 & 11), please click here.
For Mr. Hirsch (grades 9 & 12), please click here.

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