Music has always been a major part of artistic expression in Pacifica's Visual and Performing Arts performances. Whether as accompaniment in the theater program, or new student compositions in the annual i.Sight festival, our students demonstrate their musical talent and passion all year long.

This year Pacifica will introduce both instrumental music and vocal choir into the course listings for the VPA. With a strong emphasis on learning classical technique while also exercising each student's innate ability to compose new work, our music students are passionate about music. Our instructors bring a unique mix of high level professional experience and personal attention to classroom instruction. Mature in faith and inspired by the students they teach, the VPA music staff help our students express the depth of emotion and joy that can only adequately be voiced through music.

Pop Choir

For our vocal musicians, Pacifica parent Babette Labeij leads an after-school Pop Choir for the third year in a row.  

Ms Labeij is an internationally renown vocal instructor, whose work has been featured on 
The Voice, the X-Factor, and in countless musical proteges. Hailing from Amsterdam, Ms Labeij follows her work around the globe, but Pacifica Pop Choir is her passion- and it shows!

Chapel Music

Many of Pacifica's best musicians join together each week to lead our students, faculty, and staff in worship during our weekly Chapel. This community of musicians is led by local pastor and workship band leader, Josh Cobia. 

Music Gallery

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