Liberal Arts

Historically, the liberal arts didn’t merely prepare students for careers—though they are remarkably well suited to do that. They were subjects that free people enjoyed spending time learning. The process of study, discussion, debate, and learning produced joy and revealed new areas of interest to students. It simultaneously taught students to read, write, calculate, and think. The liberal arts freed students to know their world and better understand themselves, allowing students to discover their passions and to see the world differently and more accurately.

Following in the liberal arts tradition, proper study at Pacifica helps our students find their places in God’s unfolding story and become ready for all that life has to offer. Through study in a range of subjects—the liberal arts—we can actually become more fully human and free to live lives of meaning and purpose. Students learn how to think for themselves, make important connections, and understand their place—in God’s larger story.

Core Curriculum

The Liberal Arts at Pacifica starts first with the study of English, History, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Language, and Theology. Within each of these departments, students have opportunities to take a variety of honors and AP classes. 

Signature Programs

In addition to the core liberal arts curriculum, Pacifica provides students with the opportunities to expand their education into four different signature programs. 

The Pacifica Center for Philosophy + Theology
The Pacifica Center for Philosophy and Theology offers classes in philosophy and theology in partnership with top scholars from around the country. 
Learn More about our Philosophy program >>

The Minchin Center for Innovation
The Minchin Center for Innovation program offers classes in Entrepreneurship, Economics, Personal Finance, and Leadership. 
Learn More about The Minchin Center >>

STEM Scholars  
The first, is the STEM program. This program partners with Project Lead the Way to provide students with a variety of classses in Engineering and Computer Science. 
Learn More about our STEM program >>

PACARTS - Visual & Performing Arts
Pacifica’s Visual and Performing Arts program offers a large variety of classes in Studio Arts, Film, Theater, Music, and Dance
Learn More about our Visual and Performing Arts >>
I was taught to approach academics with humility and open-mindedness, but at the same time to evaluate it with a critical and confident eye. I was encouraged to value clarity and concision, as well as creativity and beauty in my own writing. Most importantly, I was given the opportunity to grow academically from a perspective rooted in Christ, and under the guidance of teachers with whom I continue to have invaluable relationships.

– Spencer Dolan, Alumni

Pacifica Christian High School

A college-preparatory, Christian, liberal arts high school in the heart of Santa Monica.