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When will we have school on campus again?

Effective December 6, the most recent supplemental order prohibits private gatherings of any size, closes non-essential sector operations, and requires 100% masking and physical distancing. At this time, schools that have been granted the privilege to operate under this Order-which in Pacifica's case, we have- have been allowed to continue operating under these various opening waivers.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What is the Revised Targeted Temporary Safer at Home Order?
Safer at Home is a set of directives that help slow the spread of COVID-19. 

When is it in effect?
It was put in effect Dec 6th at 11.59pm and will remain in place until at least Dec 27th.

What triggered the Order?
A rise in ICU admissions triggered the Order. The adult ICU capacity is below 15% in Southern California. There was a rise in hospitalizations of 140%  between November 13th and  December 6th. The number of new cases and hospitalizations is expected to continue to increase through mid-December.

What is the intent of the Order?
The intent is to ensure that residents remain at home except as necessary for essential activities and to limit contact with others in both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

What individual or household activities are allowed under the Order?
Please see a list of Permitted activities on page 9 of the Revised Safer at Home Order.

Can we carpool with others when going to school?
Not according to the order. While students are in stable pods, parents or siblings are not members of stable pods. Please consider this a temporary risk aversion procedure. 

Can we and our children participate in activities outside of school that are deemed safe by the organizer?
Again, not according to the order. At this point we are asking families to prioritize our School and not attend activities with others outside of school. If you choose to do so, follow quarantine guidelines (14 days quarantine) before resuming in-person activities at School.

What about a Return to School?
As soon as legally possible. Once Los Angeles county meets the governor's criteria for re-opening, Pacifica will offer families three choices for return:
  • Full-time on-campus learning
  • Hybrid learning = half-time on campus and half-time at home
  • Full-time distance learning (a livestream option will be available for students to view and hear the classroom)
We anticipate a turnaround time of three business days to move from our distance learning plan to these in-person options.

Can I come to campus at all?

Hopefully! Pacifica is planning in-person small group activities with proper safety protocols for academic testing, science labs, studio time, sports practices, and student life acitivites.

These events would start September 8th and will be optional. More details will be released as the plans are formalized and as resources are allocated.

Most faculty and staff are scheduled to work from campus two-three days a week.

In the meantime, to reduce potential exposure, we are currently not allowing any visitors or parents on campus without an appointment. If you would like to see a faculty or staff member, please email them and schedule a time. You do not need an appointment if you are simply picking something up or dropping something off.

What if I don't do anything during distance learning?

Even though we are meeting digitally, all Pacifica rules and policies still apply.

If a student is late to attend the virtual meeting near the beginning of class, the teacher will mark that person tardy. If a student does not complete any of the work assigned for the period, the teacher will mark that person truant.

The same logic applies to any type of misbehavior. Teachers have been strongly advised to give points frequently, which will result in cumulative effects like Saturday School or suspension. All disciplinary consquences will come into effect retroactively when we return to on-campus instruction.

Is there any dress code for distance learning?

We ask that all students wear appropriately academic clothing to virtual class. Gentlemen must wear a shirt, and please do not attend class in pajamas. All clothing must be modest and support an academic atmosphere.

Additionally, students should find a professional place to do their work, like a family room table or a desk.

What if my internet goes out?

Google Meet-Specific Issues
If your internet is too slow for the video to work properly, turn off video and join just through audio.

If your internet is still too buggy even for that, call into class using your phone. Each class has a unique phone number and pin that can be found in Google Calendar. Simply select the name of the class and follow the "Join by Phone" directions in the bubble that pops up.

General Internet Issues
If your internet is not working at all, please contact your teacher or Mr. Soria (asoria@pacificachristian.org) immediately. You should still be able to complete many assignments by going through the Canvas app on your phone. That will use some mobile data, but it shouldn't be significant.

What should parents/guardians do during this time?

First of all, please pray for your children and for the health of our community.

If your student becomes sick and cannot attend our virtual sessions, please contact Carol Bock as you would normally for any other absence. We are using daily attendance as an indicator for who is participating actively so that we can best support our students remotely, which means it's very important that we have the most accurate information.

Please also take an even more active interest in your student's education. Distance learning requies a great deal of focus and discipline, and you the are the ones most directly equipped to help maintain a good learning environment at your home.

We held the first online parent forum March 18 at 9:00am. Over 100 parents were in virtual attendance, but if you missed it you can watch a full screen share with audio here on the Pacifica Vimeo page. 

March 18 Parent Forum

Where can I go for help?

If there is a question about a specific class or assignment, please contact your individual teachers.

If there are questions/conerns about technology or distance learning in general, please contact Andrew Soria (asoria@pacificachristian.org).

Our counselors, Katie Anema (9th and 10th grade) and Molly Jang (11th and 12th grade), are also available and encourage students to make an online appointment with them.

You can contact Ms. Anema at kanema@pacificachristian.org. You can contact Ms. Jang at mjang@pacificachristian.org.

How do I stay in touch?

Visual and audio contact is very important at this potentially isolating time.

Students are in direct contact with their teachers through Google Meet and Canvas. Teachers are also holding open office hours every day from 10:50-11:20am, as well as at various points throughout the day. Students can contact their teachers for a link.

We are also holding a weekly parent forum so that we can give updates and answer questions. Plans are in the works for online student forums and the hosting of virtual student life groups to keep the student body connected.

You can find video content on our Vimeo page at https://vimeo.com/user95669949. Here, you can find recordings of parent forums, chapel messages, messages from ASG, videos from the athletics departments, and more!

Finally, on the staff and faculty side, Pacifica is holding bi-weekly virtual staff meetings and bi-weekly department meetings. The Pacifica executive team has formal daily meetings as well as bi-weekly meetings with the board. Of course, there are also many informal check-ins happening on a constant basis.

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