Welcome to the Pacifica Christian Counseling Department!

The mission for Pacifica's counseling program is to develop a thorough understanding of each individual student, nurture his or her unique strength, create a personalized four-year academic plan, and prepare each student for success at the college level. Our counselors provide comprehensive counseling services to all of our students and families. This means utilizing a holistic approach and supporting our students academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. 
Our counselors are committed to knowing students on a personal level, collaborating with students and families to develop appropriate goals, and supporting students' growth in their reflective self-awareness, thoughtful decision-making, and personal responsibility. Pacifica believes that students who understand their own strengths will be the most competitive and successful; the knowledge and character our students develop at Pacifica will prepare them to become leaders in the global community.

Main Areas of Focus

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • College & Career
  • Personal & Leadership Development
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • 4-Year Academic Planning
  • Academic Support

Counseling Programs

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  • Peer Tutoring

    In association with student leaders, the counseling department oversees the Pacifica Student Tutors, training and developing a peer tutoring program. Counselors pair students struggling in a particular academic area with motivated, experienced peers who support them both academically and socially.  Sometimes this extra help makes a huge difference in overcoming academic hurdles.  For students who continue to struggle, outside tutors can also come along side till they find their way to success. 
  • Student Mentor Program

    The Pacifica Christian Mentor Program matches 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students with incoming 9th grade and transferring 10th - 12th-grade students. 
    By deciding to be a mentor, our students understand that it is difficult to transition to a new school no matter what grade level. Our mentors are dedicated, empathetic, and genuine. The Mentor Program hosts events such as lunches and meetings throughout the school year. The mentors consistently check in with their mentees through text, email, or in-person, and provide academic, social, and/or emotional support.
  • Student Orientations

    Pacifica offers annual student orientations to 9th-grade students, 10th - 12th-grade transfer students, and international students. The transition to a new school environment can be both exciting and overwhelming. The counseling department warmly welcomes new students to Pacifica, offering support and a comprehensive introduction to the new opportunities and expectations. Counselors guide students in taking ownership of their academic, co-curricular, and personal choices. By the end of the New Student Orientation program, students will be more confident in their ability to navigate the Pacifica community. 

Counseling Department

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    Dr. Rachael Nyabadza 

    Associate Head of School - Academics
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    Rachel Moore 

"The Pacifica Counseling Department is committed to developing the whole person and supporting students' life skills and self-efficacy. We work to build connections and community, nurturing positive change and leadership within our student body." 

- Wally Hirsch, Associate Head of School

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