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Distinctive Program Development Fund

Forward Learning Creates Forward Thinking

Pacifica continues to improve and expand cutting edge academic course offerings that establish a unique place in the private high school marketplace. The Distinctive Program Development Fund will directly support two programs initiated by the Strategic Plan of 2015: the STEM Program and the Minchin Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.


The Minchin Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MCIE) builds on Pacifica’s liberal arts core curriculum by promoting innovative leadership for the 21st century. Students build skills and knowledge in areas of business, entrepreneurship, and economics, while focusing on qualities of leadership, teamwork, and creative problem solving.

“The Minchin Center’s mission is to teach students to think critically, logically, and imaginatively, with conviction, and without fear of failure.”
Michael Minchin, Jr.


Science and technology continue to revolutionize modern society and economies. Pacifica students interested in pursuing careers in technology, science, engineering, medicine, or design should be equipped with the highest quality resources to fully engage their abilities and imaginations.

“Investing in the infrastructure of a college level lab and technology center is pivotal in realizing the school’s strategic plan of making Pacifica STEM courses the most desirable place to learn and grow in all disciplines of scientific study.”
David Sumida, Ph.D., Department Chair, Science & Engineering

Pacifica Arts

Pacifica’s Visual & Performing Arts Department seeks to establish an instrumental music curriculum, featuring performance and composition opportunities.


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