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Polemikon at Pacifica

January 23, 2017 | by Casi Ticer

“I think one of the reasons why students should pursue Polemikon is because it gives them a place for their academic passions. There is a lot that is interesting, and I think there is a lot that really resonates for the students within our standard curriculum, but Polemikon gives students a chance to place their interests or their passions at a primary position in their educational pursuit.”

polemikon-logo-400x400The Polemikon Honors program is an academic challenge that all honorees should leave feeling thoroughly proud, for what they have accomplished, and thoroughly exhausted, for what they have sacrificed. Polemikon is the Senior Thesis project of Pacifica Christian. Students apply in their Sophomore year. If accepted, they create a portfolio of work for their next three years, begin a two-year research project in their Junior year, and finally, present their body of work to a faculty panel for further examination during their Senior year.

The process is thorough, rigorous, and demands hours of diligent study, but students are not alone. Each Polemikon participant is paired with a faculty mentor and supported by 3 additional faculty members. The process can be grueling, but students are met with encouragement throughout their challenges.

Participation takes commitment. Commitment to furthering self-knowledge. Commitment to uncovering the truth. Commitment to exposing passion. Commitment to enduring hardship. These commitments are fundamental to success! A commitment to learn, analyze, decipher, share and persist are qualities that help these students navigate through life beyond Pacifica.

Numerous Polemikon participants have advanced their Pacifica pursuits in college and future careers. Linnea McGlaughlin wrote a 40+ page research paper on language acquisition for her Polemikon project. Since then, she has gone on to study and graduate with a degree in Latin and now teaches the revived language. 

Emily Skoog, Class of 2014, stoked her passion for science during her Polemikon years. Since then, she has gone on to study science at USC and has even spent summer working for NASA.

More than anything, Polemikon enriches student learning and increases student drive. Participants are able to meet their passion, and follow through with it to such a high degree. We are so proud of the work we get to see, and even more impressed with the fruit that comes to bear in time.