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Campus Events

“Work hard, play hard, and take risks.”

Pacifica is a campus with a vibrant student life teaming with activities throughout the year. Not only are the activities fun, but they provide a context in which students challenge themselves to do something new, pursue opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, and build strong relationships between their peers and teachers.

The students at Pacifica have adopted the slogan “work hard, play hard, and take risks.” The faculty and administration come alongside families reinforcing values encouraged at home continuing the conversation about life and modeling lives marked by joy. Unifying events such as the family barbecue at the Powder-Puff Football Game, the All School Retreat, Homecoming, and clubs give students an opportunity to “play hard”, make friends, and connect with their teachers and peers.

Pacifica is a relational community of people who are seeking to grow, committed to what is good and looking for involvement. Students are known at Pacifica and our campus life program is designed to create a full experience for them.

Traditions & Student Events

  • Triple M
  • Powder Puff Football
  • Senior Trip
  • The Tide
  • Heritage Day
  • Christmas and Thanksgiving Celebrations
  • Mr. Pacifica
  • Student Orientation and The Gathering
  • Chapel
  • Theatre Performances and Winter Art Gallery
  • Athletic Events
  • Academic Awards Night
  • Head of School’s Dinner
  • Freshman Boys’ and Girls’ Night
  • Grade Level Parent Dinners
  • Guest Speaker Series
  • School Dances and Junior Senior Prom
  • Associated Students Leadership Retreat
  • Junior Boys’ Lunch
  • Student Teacher Lunch Program
  • Student Faculty Basketball Game
  • Dodgeball Tournament
  • Back to School Night
  • Freshman Theatre Production at the Getty

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