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The goal of chapel at Pacifica is to tell God’s story to all students so that they may walk further down the road on their spiritual journey. The amazing life of Christ and His gospel message is a message of hope and one that transforms lives. The Pacifica administration and faculty are devoted to living authentic lives and embracing all students regardless of their religious background. We believe that the pursuit of God happens as students, parents, and faculty engage in an honest and open conversation.

This year’s chapel will focus of figures from the Old and New Testament. We will look at the lives of David, Stephen to Mary and Jacob, seeing how they play out, intersect with God and teach us about our own lives in relationship to God.

Past chapel topics:

  • Living as a 16 year old in West Los Angeles
  • Forgiveness, How Much? The Example of Christ
  • Humility, Making more of Others, The Example of Christ
  • Loving Others, The Example of Christ
  • Finding Our Identity in God
  • Living a Life of Meaning and Purpose, The Story of Peter
  • Gossip and Bullying, Christ’s Perspective
  • Is It OK to Doubt? The Story of Thomas
  • What Does God Think About Money?
  • Second Chances, The Story of Moses
  • Leadership, The Story of Moses
  • I’m Stressed Out! Help! Finding Rest in the Storm
  • Missions Chapel, Serving in Africa
  • If God is Good, Why is There Suffering in the World?
  • Faculty Panel: Answering Tough Questions
  • Growing in My Relationship with God
  • Image Making, How Do I Fit In? Should I Fit In?