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Kevin Kelsey

Pacifica athletics aim to challenge our student athletes to grow and develop into mature young men and women. Pacifica coaches are experienced in taking athletes of every level and making significant improvements in their skill level. They have a proven track record and are informed as to how to prepare athletes to get the most out of their high school experience. They are able, if it is the student's desire, to help them play at the collegiate level. Our athletic department brings the school community together. Whether it be big home games, or traveling with the team to playoff games throughout Southern California, it is our goal to promote camaraderie and school spirit.

Kevin Kelsey
Director of Athletics

B.A. Speech and Communication, University of Tennessee

T: 310.828.7015 ext. 112

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Staci Lane

Staci Lane
Associate Director of Athletics

B.A. Physical Education, Point Loma Nazarene University

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The Tide

Salty the Seawolf

Show Your School Spirit!

A tide, a powerful flow of water, is a strong steady force that consistently affects those things it comes into contact with. The Tide, Pacifica’s fan club, possesses that same strong force that consistently shows up at Pacifica events in order to affect the outcome.

From promoting school spirit and turning our athletic games into incredible events for our school community to providing support to our athletic program, The Tide is there. Crowd surfing, face painting, pizza after the game, banners, chanting and cheering is their way of being.

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