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Studio Art students partner with the teacher and fellow student artists to obtain the technical, conceptual and historically-informed artistic tools, to create original works of art. Pacifica’s studio art courses offer students a comprehensive art experience through drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and installation art.

Encouraged to investigate and observe the world around them with a fresh and critical eye, our students explore a wide variety of visual expressions through different media and visual styles. They develop visual literacy by expanding their vocabulary and increasing perceptual awareness of artistic elements. Additionally, students practice their ability to communicate about art and their own work effectively. Through class discussions, critiques, and exhibitions students expand their understanding of artistic choices and outcomes. 

At the same time, we continuously explore, articulate and discuss the greater question of “what is art?” as well as the larger role of art in society.  Ultimately, all visual arts classes offer Pacifica’s  students the opportunity to find and define their own voice in the greater art conversation.

Courses in the Studio Art track include:

  • Beginning Drawing and Painting
  • Photography
  • Mixed Media
  • AP Studio Art

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