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To be honest, its hard to describe i.Sight in any adequate way in order to capture how truly anticipated and special this production is to the students of Pacifica.

On paper, its official description—“an annual collaborative festival, celebrating the visual and performing arts”—nods to its large scale of participation, its emphasis on collaboration, and joyful experimentation. On stage, i.Sight showcases all forms of creative expression from dance, theater and film, to painting, sculpture, music, spoken word, mixed media, and truly anything creative. In totality however, it is the school’s most popular arts event, with large audiences and somewhere near half of the school’s students participating in any given year.

Last year, i.Sight 7.0 featured exclusively student written work, filling over two hours of new material every night for three nights. Students filled the gym with a huge art gallery on one half and a performance space representing the year’s theme of “Dreamscapes” on the other. Dancers choreographed their own steps to hip hop, jazz, and contemporary music; actors performed scripts they had work-shopped with faculty members; filmmakers debuted short films they shot, edited and scripted; and singers and musicians collaborated on eight new songs, some of which are available for download on iTunes starting October 1st, 2013.

In truth, the only way to adequately describe i.Sight is to say: “You have to see it!” Or “You have to be IN it!” Every year, students look forward to the next incarnation of i.Sight as soon as the last performance ends.

We hope you too can be a part of i.Sight 9.0, Thursday May 28 – Saturday May 30.

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