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For a school of just under 250 students, Pacifica is proud to have a long-standing commitment to its film program. Los Angeles’ identity is in so many ways shaped by the film and television industry, and the Pacifica film department strives to empower students to assert their own place within that community.

Most importantly, our focus is on developing story-tellers who have strong, personal voices committed to making a positive difference in Los Angeles as young, hard-working artists of character.

Whether we are graduating students into top college-film programs, hosting our annual Screen Student Film Festival, producing year-round student film productions, or simply providing the most up to date teaching resources for film-class students—Pacifica is dedicated to the art and science of short film making.

Students who follow the film track in the Visual and Performing Arts Department spend one year studying the history and origins of the film business in one of the school’s most popular arts electives: American Cinema. Students would then enroll in Digital Production I, II, and III, where they learn the art of short digital film production. Students learn screenwriting format, the Final Cut X editing platform, cinematography for DSLR, lighting for the camera, and most importantly, how to work together as a production team. Opportunities abound for motivated students to “produce”: they oversee all aspects of the film festival, they borrow equipment for individual projects, and submit their work to colleges and film festivals. We are proud to partner with the LMU Film and Television Department on our annual Screen Festival, as well as year-round events on the LMU campus. Pacifica Pictures, our student-led production company, builds professional connections by casting from the Los Angeles community, shooting in the neighborhoods of LA, taking master classes with industry professionals, and graduating seniors who seek careers in the industry.

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