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The Visual and Performing Arts Department at Pacifica prides itself on setting unrealistic goals that—over time—seem routine. On any given day, you can ask an arts student what they did in the arts last year and they will tell you, “I didn’t think it could possibly come together, and then… it did!”  (If you want some examples, click here)

High school arts may still be thought of by many as “a charming activity for kids”—and an easily expendable one at that—but not at Pacifica. We are committed to the growth of passion and appreciation for the arts as it applies to our students. Here at Pacifica, we have witnessed the arts instill profound lessons about life, culture, politics, religion, love, and humanity in life changing ways. Here, we believe that if students are permitted to engage with our faculty in the full range of the modern art landscape—teenagers are better prepared to enter the adult world as inspired and responsible creators and not simply consumers.

Pacifica Arts

Michael Balsley

There can be no bravery without fear, and there can be no discovery without rigorous inquiry. We welcome the fearful to become bold. We welcome the confident to become inquisitive. We are excited to welcome a new class of artists to our department every year. For more information on how you can be a part of the arts at Pacifica, please email me anytime!

Michael Balsley
Director of Visual & Performing Arts

B.A. English/Theatre Arts, Illinois Wesleyan University
M.A. Fine Arts, New York University

T: 310.828.7015 ext. 13

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