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Summer@Pacifica Academics



Full Year Credit: June 14July 22 || 1st Semester Credit: June 14July 1 || 2nd Semester Credit: July 5July 22 

MTWTHF || 9:00 am12:00 pm || Grades: 912 || Full Year Credit: $1,200 || Single Semester Credit: $600 

This course develops critical thinking and visualization skills, presenting and exploring the properties of shapes in space. Some of the major topics covered are angles, parallel and perpendicular lines, triangles and congruence, quadrilaterals, similarity, right triangles, trigonometric ratios, circles, area, and volume. Concepts from Algebra 1 are integrated throughout this course. Construction tools such as a straightedge and a protractor (not included in class fee) are required for this course. This course is approved for UC Credit.

To register for the Geometry Course for Credit, click here. 


June 27July 15 || MWF  || 1:00 pm–3:30 pm || Grades: 810 || $450

For students who have taken Algebra as 8th or 9th graders seeking further mastery of Algebraic concepts prior to taking the next level of math, this math program is designed to provide a means of acceleration to advanced math and promote enrollment in 9th or 10th grade Geometry. To evaluate student progress after participation in the math programs, Summer@Pacifica seeks student-level data on the students’ performance in math classes. Bridge to Geometry is a great way to increase confidence and skills in a three day a week, enrichment-themed environment.

To register for the Algebra I Bridge to Geometry Workshop, click here. 


Full Course: June 13July 1 || Week 1: June 13June17 || Week 2: June 20June 24 || Week 3: June 27July 1

MWF || 8:00 am–10:00 am || Grades: 68 || Full Course: $450 || Single Week: $175

For students seeking to strengthen basic study techniques in core subjects (English / History / Math / Science), this three times a week workshop prepares middle school students for classroom success while teaching them valuable life skills of organization, prioritization, and attention to detail.

To register for the Study Skills Workshop, click here.  


June 27July 1 || MTWTHF || Time: 8:00 am–12:00 pm || Grade: 9 || $250  

An auspicious opportunity for transitioning middle school students who want to enter high school confident and prepared, this important class offers practical guidance and invaluable lessons. Students will be ushered into Pacifica’s academic culture while building new friendships. Led by Pacifica faculty members, Scott Comer and Candice Kelsey. This course is recommended for all incoming freshmen families.

To register for the 9th Grade Transitions Workshop, click here. 


Week 1: June 20June 24 || Week 2: July 11July 15

Week 3: August 1August 5 || Week 4: August 22August 26

TTH  || 8:30 am–12:00 pm || Grades: 9–12 |Full Course: $600 || Single Week: $150 

Dive into this full immersion summer prep camp and emerge ready to take on the SAT/ACT. Students will cover every single topic tested, learn exclusive strategies and practice in class until they are thoroughly familiar with all the material these standardized tests cover. This all-inclusive summer prep program comes with NO required homework. All the work needed to become a confident, prepared test-taker will take place in class. Whether it’s reviewing practice questions, applying test-taking techniques, or sharpening pacing skills, every student can benefit from SAT/ACT Prep.

(Please note: this course is offered over four non-consecutive weeks, meeting only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.)

To register for the SAT / ACT Prep Workshop, click here. 


July 514 || TTH || 1:00 pm–3:00 pm || Grades: 1012 || Cost: $250    

A wise choice for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors, the writing workshop is an intensive study of academic writing. Students will write, edit, revise, and reflect upon expository, literary analysis, précis, and thematic essays. A great preparation for students interested in Advanced Placement courses in the fall.

To register for the Writing Workshop, click here. 


August 1618 || T•W•TH || Time TBA  || Grades: 1112 ||  Free / $100 non-Pacifica Students

Taught by Pacifica College Counselor Ben Lah, this course is designed for 12th grade-bound students who are preparing for the college admissions process. Highly recommended!

To register for the College Essay Writing Workshop, click here.

Independent Study:  English // History 

June 13-24  Grades: 1012 $1000 (Pacifica Students Only) ||  English 9:00-11:30am  ||  History 12:30-3:00pm

Taught by Pacifica faculty member Scott Comer, this is by recommendation only thru the Pacifica Counseling department. Email Clara Hamilton at chamilton@pacificachristian.org or Naomi Silva at nsilva@pacificachristian.org for details.  

To register for Independent Study, click here.


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