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STEM Scholar Program


Science and technology continue to revolutionize modern society and economies. Competing in the 21st century economy will require skill sets grounded in science, math and technology. Students interested in pursuing careers in technology, science, engineering, medicine, or design should pursue the STEM Scholars program.

The Pacifica STEM Scholar program offers students interested in these subjects and pursuing STEM careers the opportunity to focus their studies and prioritize these courses. Students who successfully complete the program will graduate with STEM honors and receive a STEM endorsement on their official transcript.

STEM Scholars are required to take at least nine STEM courses. The students will also complete an internship at a university, business or non-profit. Finally, the students must successfully complete a final senior project focusing their efforts on STEM issues. Students are accepted to the STEM Scholar Program at the end of the first semester of their sophomore year.

Requirements for program Admission

  • Completion of Honors Biology and 1st semester of Honors Chemistry
  • Completion or enrollment in Geometry
  • 3.6 science and math GPA at time of application

Requirements for STEM Endorsement

  • Internship of approximately 125 hours with completion of internship journal.
  • Complete a total of nine math/science courses including at least three AP courses
  • Maintained a STEM GPA of 3.7 or greater. Students receiving less than a B- in any STEM course will be removed from the program.
  • Completion of the STEM senior project


Pacifica will help place STEM Scholars into internships that match their interests and goals. Students are also encouraged to find internships through their own contacts and efforts. Internships should focus on applying STEM knowledge and skills but can vary significantly from student to student. Areas of focus may include accounting, architecture, finance, engineering, medicine/medical research, physics, product design, and entrepreneurial activities. Internships will require approval of the STEM Coordinator beforehand.

Senior Project

The STEM Senior project is intended to be a summative and comprehensive project employing the knowledge and skills students have gained from their studies. The project can be a research project, a design project, or laboratory research. The project may be completed in conjunction with their internship, courses, senior research paper, or the Polemikon Honors program.

Science Department


Dr. David Sumida
Science & Engineering Department Chair

B.S. Physics, Wheaton College
M.S. Physics, USC
Ph.D. Physics, USC

T: 310.828.7015 ext. 122

Bio & Contact

Alumni: Chan at Cal Tech

Chan Cal Tech

“An excellent and encouraging teaching staff at Pacifica led me to hone my passion for math and science for my current success and future at Cal Tech.”

Chan, Cal Tech, (Pacifica '09)