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The Theology program at Pacifica will expose students to the Christian faith and the Scriptures, and through it to the life and redemptive work of Jesus Christ.  The Bible is critical to the Pacifica curriculum.  The major themes from the Bible will help provide a framework and a backdrop which students will use as they analyze history, English, math, the arts, science, physical education, and language.  The task of the school is to impart Biblical knowledge through rigorous study, engage students in open and intelligent dialogue about the claims of the church, and to equip students for lives of character and service through the application of these truths. This learning and dialogue will encompass the great breadth of perspectives in the Christian faith. When students leave our school, we want them to understand the major tenets of the Christian faith and their influence on thought throughout history.     

Theology Courses

Graduation requirement: 2 years of high school theology

Old Testament

Grade 9 (Semester Course)

This introduction to the Old Testament features a study of the Law, Prophets and Writings with special attention to the great themes of scripture: creation, fall, and redemption.  Students are encouraged to interact creatively with the content as they assessed by creative projects and wrestle with the texts in Socratic Seminars.  

New Testament

Grade 10 (Semester Course)

This introduction to the New Testament features a study of the life and teachings of Jesus, Pauline literature, Epistles, the church, and theological beliefs concerning God, man, creation, and redemption.

Church History

Grade 12 (Year Course)

Students will explore the history and thought of the Christian Church from its beginnings to the present.  Special emphasis will be placed on the early church, the Reformation, and the contemporary church. Students will become familiar with a wide array of people and their thought from Paul, Augustine, Aquinas, and Calvin, to Luther, Edwards, Bonhoeffer, and Graham.  

Students will explore the watershed events in church history, the formation of various theological/doctrinal concepts, the effect of society on the church and the political and social impact of the church on society.

Christian Classics

Grade 12 (Year Course)
Prerequisite: Students must submit an application to be considered for this class. This is an independent study class which requires meetings outside of the school day.

In this blended model class, students will explore theological mystery of grace as they engage the works of C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, and Flannery O’Connor.  Students will interact with the material in online forums and in class gatherings off campus.  

Theology Department

Tom Silva

To live well we must understand ourselves and we cannot understand ourselves without reflecting on the divine. Using the Bible and classic Christian texts, the Theology Department at Pacifica is committed to thoughtfully and humbly journeying through some of life’s most charged, controversial, and important questions in a safe and judgmental free atmosphere in the hope of provoking self-reflection and personal growth in our students whatever their background and beliefs.

Tom Silva
Theology Department Chair

B.A. History, Oregon State University
M.A. Theology, Biola University

T: 310.828.7015 ext. 119

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